Author: Adam Harper

The Significant Role of Endpoint Security to Your Company

Endpoint security is a critical part of any cybersecurity program. It is essential for all businesses, regardless of size. This practice protects devices and data from being compromised by malicious actors. It also helps to ensure that legitimate users have access to company resources. This security practice starts with identifying the devices that need to […]

Why Churches Should Use IT Management Services

Churches were disproportionately affected by the coronavirus outbreak because they place such a great emphasis on community and fellowship. Since then, a growing number of churches have been turning to digital technology to stay in touch with their congregation. Health and safety regulations had prioritized social distancing and crowd management. Only 3% of churches remained […]

When Church Tech Meets The Modern Era

Any seasoned churchgoer can tell you that there was a time when many churches were content to keep things pretty simple when it came to technology. This was partly due to the novelty of technology within an organization that had never enjoyed it before. Even when modern technology became more readily available, many religious organizations […]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

With Cyber Security Awareness Month coming to an end, we wanted to take a little time to review some basic security practices to protect you and your organization. There is a lot of buzz around cybersecurity right now, and it can be difficult and confusing to know what is best for you. Here are 7 […]